• EVer's "PUre Results" REGIMEn: 4 steps

    For the Face, Neck, and Décolleté follow the Order of Beauty

    Step. 1 Face Wash - "Luminous" or "Rebalance"

    • Luminous - A balm that melts into an oil. For dry, dehydrated, normal or sensitive skin

    - Free of mineral oil which can clog pores

    - Uses soothing botanical oils – sesame and plum


    HOW TO USE: Squeeze a dime-sized amount onto finger9ps and apply to dry or slightly damp face, including eye area, in a circular mo9on to remove dirt, oil and makeup. Remove with warm, damp face cloth to open pores and prepare skin for treatment. Some separation is normal. Use AM & PM.


    • Rebalance - For oily, combo, acne prone skin

    Salicylic Acid – cleanser pores, refines

    Willow Bark – antibacterial properties – helps with blemishes

    Cucumber and Aloe – soothe, hydrate and balance


    HOW TO USE: Application: Squeeze a dime size amount onto palm and apply to damp face in a circular motion to remove dirt and oil, avoiding the rim eye area. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. Use AM & PM.


    Step. 2 Exfoliator - "Reveal" Peel Pads (w/ LSR10)

    • Caviar Lime exfoliates w/o damaging skin
    • Azelaic Acid – lightens dark spots and reduces hyper-pigmentation
    • Willow Bark – natural anti-inflammatory, helps clear bacteria and pores (good for breakouts)
    HOW TO USE: Gently swipe one pad over clean, dry face, avoiding eye area. Allow skin to dry. Slight tingling is normal. For sensitive skin, start three times per week and build to daily use. Discontinue use if signs of irritation appear. Warning: Avoid eye area.

    Step. 3 - Serum - "Youthful" (w/ LSR10)


      • 20% Peptide formula stimulates collagen (firms and tightens)
      • Corraline Red algae – reduces redness
      • Vitamin C Ester and LSR10 – stimulate collagen
      HOW TO USE: Application: Using 1-2 pumps, gently press onto face and eye area, avoiding rim of the eye. Use AM and PM. Follow with moisturizer.

      Step. 4 - Daytime Moisturizer "Daylight" (w/ LSR10) and Bedtime Moisturizer "Hydralift" (w/ LSR10)


        Daylight (for AM)

        • Hexapeptide – smoothes expression lines
        • Vitamin C Ester brightens and boosts collagen
        • Hyaluronic acid smoothes surface of skin
        • Chemical Free zinc oxide SPF
        • Tinted or regular
        HOW TO USE: Using 1-2 pumps, gently blend in a circular motion onto face, neck and décolleté daily.

        Hydralift (for PM)

        • NeoDermyl stimulates collagen
        • Vitamin C Ester – potent anti-oxidants
        • Hyaluronic Acid – draws moisture into skin
        HOW TO USE: Apply a dime-sized amount in upward circular motions to face, neck and décolleté in the PM. Use in the AM for extra moisture if necessary, before sunscreen.
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