• Overview

    What: Executive level skills for Operations, Teams & Outreach, including Management and Strategy, that strengthen business and move ideas forward.


    For Whom: Small Businesses, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (angel investor groups, venture capital groups, co-working spaces, accelerators, incubators), and Private Programs.


    Suzannah is passionate about using strategic management and efficient, relevant technology to strengthen idea, venture phase, and established companies. She has a proven track record of creating and motivating teams, building communities, implementing systems, and thus growing businesses. Suzannah has built healthy, rewarding, and diverse team cultures while also mentoring managers to do the same.


    In addition to 20 years of outreach, event, and team building experience, Suzannah helps companies bring structure to any department or the overall business. Suzannah strongly believes that branding and messaging should be inherent throughout all areas of a business since businesses operate as their own ecosystem.

  • clients:

    Current & Past Clients

    Savor Strategies, Cogent Law Group, GRAPH Strategies, Smart Cities Group, Government Blockchain Alliance, Zansors, Help4, Williamson District, Pair 3D, the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, Strategic Sustainability Consulting, Angel Venture Forum, 22 Capital Partners, Mentor Capital Network, Words Liive, UpSpring, Connected Potential, and Kind Earth Medicinals along with consulting to individual entrepreneurs on how to best develop and market their business.


  • Core Competencies

    Operations & Teams (Executive Level):
    - Building and maintaining a progressive, team-focused culture that increases performance and revenue including:

    • Creating competitive benefits packages
    • Creating and rolling-out a company's necessary manuals that promotes a company's culture and vision

    - Implementing and overseeing strategic daily operations of the company

    - Direct planning and the organization of marketing functions and operations to ensure they project the company’s unique “voice”
    - Hiring, managing, and mentoring directors
    - Assisting in investment or fundraising ventures with an expertise in angel investor pitches


    - Creating and managing relationships with customers/clients and partners

    - Defining operations and marketing strategies to support the company’s or department's overall objectives

    - Analyzing a business's brand and deciding upon, if any, necessary changes to strengthen customer trust

    - Setting up a complete brand strategy or leading a company rebrand

    - Oversee the design and coordination of promotional campaigns, PR and other marketing efforts across all channels (digital press etc.)